Job McKee

It's me, Job McKee!

Hello world!

Thank you for visiting my personal site. I've got another website for business.

In 2020 I had a narrow brush with death via semi truck. Realizing that my time might now be better spent studying than laboring, I turned my attention towards academia.

I also run a small float tank business. If you're interested in trying it out, come on down! It's $50/hour.

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Oklahoma State

I'm a college freshman now, immersed in the studies of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

I want to learn the skills that will make me a valuable addition to a professional team, and I finally get to pursue my dreams. Go Pokes!

It's me with Michael Pollan!
my car was completely totaled
I used to have longer hair

I don’t wanna spend my parents' money to get a degree, and become something as forgettable as an electrician. Steve Jobs

doors of perception
nice toilet room
fancy tub too